A downloadable game

The goal of the game is to strategically rotate falling game pieces to clear levels. As differently shaped game pieces fall from the sky, it is your task to ensure all pieces are lined up and destroyed.

The finished game will feature



BlockStacker 3D is a 3D puzzle arcade game centered around fun yet challenging gameplay inspired by the classics. The goal of the game is to rotate differently shaped game pieces as they fall from the sky to ensure all pieces are lined up and destroyed.


  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • A deep and complex physics system modelling all block interactions
  • Multiple game themes
  • Expansive updates up to and continuing after full release for free

Early Access (After Indev)

BlockStacker 3D is still in an early stage in development, due to this, not all features may work as intended, at all, or completely lack. Save files may also become corrupt or non compatible with new builds.

Planned Features

  • over 6 themed worlds
  • Fun unique challenges
  • Online scoreboards
  • User creatable game piece shape


I'm always open to suggestions and feedback, or with any issues regarding the game, you can contact me at: