Mallow Men, Full Controller Support, & More!

Hello everybody!

This update is super duper large as it contains almost all of the work done over the past month and it just so happens to be the first of many updates this July! In this update, the major additions & changes include (in no particular order):

  • Full Xbox controller support
  • 2 new levels
  • Pressure Plates & switches
  • A brand new enemy (Mallow Men)
  • Level Loading now shows the level name
  • Metal Crates
  • Better player collisions
  • Major Optimizations
  • A better way to load sound & music
  • A new level goal graphic
  • The ability of more than one scene (hurray! More Levels)
  • At least 1 bug fix
  • At least 5 new bugs

As always,
Have an amazing day and comment below what YOU want to see!


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Version 0.4.3 Jul 07, 2018

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