Wallow Nem, New textures, New Puzzles, & Bug Fixes!

Hello Everyone!

This update brings numerous things to the table, mainly the new Wallow Nem enemy and some new textures, but also a tonne of bug fixes, new audio, and a new puzzle type!

Here are the complete patch notes:

  • Added the Wallow Nem! He's not in any levels yet and he has tones of small glitches, but he'll hopefully star in the second half of world 1!
  • Added a new ball puzzle to level 3 of world 1
  • Added new grass & dirt textures
  • Added colliders to the beginning of each level (and going to start putting them by default)
  • Fixed deleting saves on the main menu! Now you don't have to restart the game for the save to be deleted!
  • Fixed a weird animation glitch on the mallow men.
  • Fixed the loading screen not refreshing the level name on each load.
  • Many other small fixes.

I think that's everything that's included with this update, but I may have missed a few smaller changes.

As always, thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


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Version 0.4.4 Jul 17, 2018

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