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MexCube is a 2.5D physics puzzle platformer · By Lukas Olson


Recent updates

Wallow Nem, New textures, New Puzzles, & Bug Fixes!
Hello Everyone! This update brings numerous things to the table, mainly the new Wallow Nem enemy and some new textures, but also a tonne of bug fixes, new audio...
1 file — 0.4.4
Mallow Men, Full Controller Support, & More!
Hello everybody! This update is super duper large as it contains almost all of the work done over the past month and it just so happens to be the first of many...
1 file — 0.4.3
New Menus
In this update, a new main menu as well as pause and settings menu's were added! As with everything they will be changed over the oncoming months! Changelog: Ne...
1 file
New Coin Model
Hello everybody! In today's update we have replaced the coin placeholder model with a work in progress version of the actual model! This now means that coins lo...
1 file
Updated UI!
Hello Everybody! This evening I put some basic ideas that I have scribbled down throughout the day into action! Up first we have a new basic UI design which I p...
1 file

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